Brazilian and Bikini waxing FAQ!

I know there’s a lot of anxiety around bikini waxing so here are some tips and bits of useful information that may help ease your mind.

  • The wax will feel warm on your skin, but it won’t burn you.

  • Your hair should be at least ¼ inch long. If it’s longer that’s okay.

  • If you are using any medications or if you have allergies, please let me know. It’s best to have all the     information possible.

  • Take ibuprofen before you come in. It helps a lot!
  • If you come the week before your period, when you have PMS, your wax may be more uncomfortable. If you can plan your wax so it’s after your period it may be less painful.
  • Waxing and tanning don’t mix. Please avoid tanning for 24 hours before you get waxed and avoid tanning for 24 hours after getting waxed.

  • If you spray tan you may want to do it 24 hours after you get waxed. If you get waxed after getting spray tanned, the wax will take your tan.

  • Don’t shave in between waxing appointments. It’s like starting over. But if it happens, don’t worry. I will always wax you.
  • If you think you have sensitive skin, let me know.
  •  Your skin will feel warm to the touch and may be red, for up to 24 hours. Usually it’s not that long, but after your first wax it may take sometime for the redness to go down. Don’t be concerned.

 The more you wax the easier it will be. Give a brazilian wax or bikini wax a shot!


  1. This post can help ease the anxiety of people who are afraid to experience bikini waxing. How much does a bikini waxing session cost?

    Justine Cricks

  2. Hello Justine
    So our bikini waxes range from $20- $30 depending on how much of the bikini area you would like done. Our estheticians will discuss that with you prior to any waxing being done!