Spring Facials

‘Tis Facial Season!

Why should you get a facial?

When you get a facial you are getting a deep cleanse and exfoliation, plus extractions, a treatment mask and a facial massage.

Exfoliation is important, getting rid of excess keratin (dead skin cells) will help prevent breakouts, and slow the signs of premature aging.

Have you ever noticed little black dots on your nose? Extractions will take care of those. A blackhead occurs when the oil that your body produces, mixed with dead skin cells clogs the follicle. The oil oxidizes causing the follicle to turn black. Extractions are slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t take too long.

Masks are awesome!! Especially ilike (pronounced e-lee-ka) masks! Depending on what your skin needs, a facial mask will help support your skin function.

Toner, serums and moisturizer will wrap up your facial. Your skin will feel soft and plump. I suggest getting a facial four times per year. The key to healthy skin is to keep your daily regime simple and use top quality products. Get a facial at the change of the seasons, that way you can get professional quality exfoliation and tweak your home regime if necessary.

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